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Through its nationwide presence iVolunteer enables companies to engage employees across their enterprise in strategically relevant and meaningful corporate volunteering programs. We understand that every company and every employee is different and there are no one-for-all programs. Our customised corporate volunteering programs are tailored to meet your organisation’s goals, your employee’s interests and the community’s needs. They are aimed at maximising employee engagement and the impact of the program.

Our 4-step process is designed to develop the best suited corporate volunteering program for your organisation:

Skills Based Volunteering (SBV)

Skills based Volunteering is leveraging the specialized skills and talents of individuals to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits, helping them build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their missions [Wikipedia]. This is in contrast to traditional volunteering which does not pre-requisite any specialised knowledge.

A web designer developing websites or managing social media for a non-profit; a HR manager holding communication and motivational sessions for the youth; a company director mentoring NGO boards; a financial analyst working pro bono to develop products for rural finance – SBV enables individuals and organisations to exponentially increase the impact of their volunteering efforts. Recent trends have shown a greater appetite for SBV enabling a transfer of professional and business skills from corporate to non-profit sector.

The challenge of SBV lies in accurate assessment and matching of volunteer skills with volunteering projects. iVolunteer can be described as an amalgam of corporate and non-profit sector with most of the team member having switched from corporate to non-profit sector. iVolunteer brings an in-depth understanding of how commercial skills can be applied in a non-profit sector; ensuring that your organisation can achieve the maximum impact through SBV.

Contact us to know more about SBV and how your organisation can leverage its skills for the benefit of community.

Corporate Volunteers

iVolunteer provides unique hands-on volunteering experiences for our corporate volunteers. Here are some of the ways in which our corporate volunteers have engaged with the communities. Every project at iVolunteer includes an orientation to volunteering and the cause championed.

Education through games

Education has more or less become a burden for children. Participate in projects that aim to improve student performances by experimenting with alternative means of education. Thus making education fun and more lasting.

iVolunteer implemented an innovative ‘Education through games and group activity’ project for IBM employees to teach basic English, mathematics and computers to underprivileged children.

Caring Hands for the Little Ones

Children are the future of our country. Participate in lending a caring hand to the children to instil positive behavioural changes early on.

iVolunteer partnered with Informatica to create a unique awareness session on daily issues like health and hygiene through skits and exposure trips.

Connect with the elders

Connect with and honour the elderly for their contributions to their families, society and country. Participate to make ageing positive and create a senior friendly world.

iVolunteer created a touching experience for ICICI bank employees where they spent time taking care of the elderly and creating a fun-filled activity session.

Save the Environment

Lend your support to sustainable environmental initiatives that are aimed at increasing awareness, personal responsibility and behavioural changes.

iVolunteer implemented a unique environmental initiative with ICICI Prudential employees through skits, group activities, tree plantation and cleanliness drives.

For more information on Customized Corporate Volunteering programs, contact us.

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