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  What is Volunteering?

There are many definitions to volunteering and no universal agreement. iVolunteer uses the following as a working definition of formal volunteering:

Volunteering is any activity or service that involves spending time:

at your own free will, 
doing something that benefits the community at large,
without coercion or 
expecting anything in return.


  What is iVolunteer?

iVolunteer is a social enterprise that promotes volunteering. Our mission is to bring volunteers and organisations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India's social development. We strive to achieve our mission through a range of initiatives and a large network of volunteers and organisations.


  Why do I volunteer?

Just If you are passionate about making a difference and have a desire to give back to the society, volunteering is the first step you could take towards bringing about a positive change. 

But that's not the only reason. Some people volunteer to gain career experience, to build their resume; develop skills or learn new ones. Some people volunteer to build self-esteem, to make themselves feel better and/or to truly feel they are making a contribution to society.

Whatever your reason, we believe, volunteering can change you and the world around you.


  Why should I choose iVolunteer?

At iVolunteer, we aim to make the experience of volunteering worthwhile for you, for our partner NGO and for the people they work for.

At iVolunteer, we aim to make the experience of volunteering worthwhile for you, for our partner NGO and for the people they work for. We help you identify volunteering opportunites with our partner NGOs; keeping in mind your time commitment, preferred location and issue of interest. We support you throughout your volunteering journey through our dedicated relationship manager and ongoing orientations and training.


  What skills do I need to be a volunteer?
This will depend on what you do. If you don't have the skills needed, where possible, we will help you develop them. Many time organisations themselves offer training if required.


I have no experience, does it matter?

It's okay if you may not have volunteered before. At iVolunteer, all new volunteers, whether first time volunteer or experienced volunteer go through a volunteer orientation and have the support of a dedicated relationship manager to help you through your volunteering journey. As and when required, iVolunteer also conducts workshops for volunteering with people who have special needs like people with disabilities, elderly and special children.

What is Skills-based Volunteering?

Skills based Volunteering is leveraging the specialized skills and talents of individuals to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits, helping them build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their missions. For example, a web designer may volunteer to develop an NGO’s website or a financial analyst may volunteer to develop financial products for a rural NGO.

Where can I volunteer?

iVolunteer currently has centres in seven cities in India - Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Depending on your location you can volunteer in any of the seven cities with our partner NGOs.

What causes can I volunteer for?

iVolunteer supports 12 volunteer action areas. Each of the causes has a continuous requirement of volunteers. You can choose your cause and depending on the volunteering need you may volunteer in orphanages, old-age homes, help-lines, schools, relief efforts, slums, NGO offices etc. You may choose to volunteer for one or multiple causes simultaneously.

How much time do I have to give?


As much or as little as you like - as long as your commitment is agreed to by the organisation that you volunteer with. It could be an hour a week or it could be a long-term, full-time commitment. You can volunteer in the day, late evenings, or on weekends. You can even volunteer from home at your convenience - doing research over the Internet or building a website or managing a NGOs social media page etc.


Once I'm a registered volunteer, what is the next step?


Once you have registered yourself online, our Volunteer Relationship Manager will get in touch with you for attending the Volunteer Orientation Session. After the session, you will be connected with a NGO that has an opportunity matching your interests, skills and availability.

If you haven't registered already, click here to register yourself online. 


Is my personal information secure?


During registration we collect your contact information and also information about your interests, skills and availability. iVolunteer does not pass your personal data to outside organisations and/or individuals without your expressed consent. Your information will only be used to communicate with you and the non-profit organisation of your choice.

Read more about our privacy policy here.

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