How do I begin volunteering?

To begin with, answer this simple question: What would make you happy - in the context of volunteering, of course! Then share it with those you trust for references on where to begin- a friend, colleague, family or community member or contact a volunteering expert like iVolunteer.

Like everything else, your search for a relevant volunteering experience can also start on the Internet & through social media. iVolunteer’s website and its pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn can be useful to begin too. (Tip: try the iVolunteer Search for projects based upon your city or a cause that would like to work on or a skill or hobby that you would like to use)

Make sure you begin with baby steps before you commit to anything big or long term - we call it the ‘tasting sessions’ - attend several rounds and be open to discover something new - about others as well as about yourself!

Once you’ve found your calling, let your objectives be known - you can be pointed in the right direction, only if ‘your direction’ is known! Discuss your options, your engagement and off you go!

Always remember, volunteering is as much about giving of yourself, as receiving from the experience. Be open & humble.

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