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Child Welfare

Age Minimum (with Adult): 12+, Minimum Age:16+

Teaching children about good and bad touch

In today’s times, we hear a lot about child abuse and molestation. It’s high time, we start teaching children about “Good Touch Bad Touch” to help prevent more damage.  Most of the time, targets are very young children, below 6-7 years of age. They are too young to understand the difference between right and wrong.
Every single day, the media reports such cases where young children, both boys and girls, are sexually abused by an adult around them. The problem is, that they do not even know what is happening.
It is still a sensitive topic for parents to talk to their children, so most of them do not want to go there. The same goes for schools as well. At times, we hesitate to take up and speak on sensitive topics.
But, the fact remains that it is very important for the betterment of our young children that they know about all this and can deal with it if they ever come across a situation like this. What is good touch bad touch?  The goal here is to inform your child about the dangers, without causing any anxiety.
Some simple activities will be conducted with the children so that they are able to relate themselves with what they were taught. The session helped the children shed their inhibitions and reservations linked with the topic of sexual abuse.

  • Tell your children that if someone touches you in a way that you do not like, say NO. It’s your body and no one can touch in a way that you do not like or that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Get away from that place as fast as you can. Try not to be alone with that person in the future.
  • Immediately call for help, go to a trustworthy person like your parents or your teacher and tell them everything that happened. You can scream for help if you do not have your elders nearby.
  • Tell them not to be scared of that person and not to feel bad about themselves. They have not done anything wrong. It’s the other person who is guilty, not them.
Role of Volunteers:
  • Looking volunteers to assist in the session.
  • To Mobilizing the children and seatting arrangement.
  • To create healthy environment between the session.

Do join us:
River valley Public (Zahra Foundation)
P-140, Nafees Road,Near Pahalwan Chowk, Batla House,, Jamia Nagar, Okhla
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