Seva Sandwich

Seva Sandwich @ Daan Utsav 2021Seva Sandwich: a simple and unique opportunity to connect with and support people in need.

People are helpful by nature but are often unaware of how to help or shy of stepping out and speaking up. Indian traditions, of course, tell us not to let our left hand know what our right hand is doing - teaching us not to boast about charity, but as society is evolving, isn't it time that we motivate others to join in by sharing our acts of giving.

Seva Sandwich is a simple campaign run by iVolunteer during Daan Utsav to celebrate the joy of giving every year. It brings together a group, as small as 5 or as large as possible, for the simplest act of giving - preparing and sharing food. Whether its friends in an apartment complex, school, college, office, taxi-stand ... just about anywhere - you can always experience the great joy of giving!

Campaign Objectives

How does it work?

Lets spread the goodness - join in to host Seva Sandwich and invite your friends and family to celebrate Daan Utsav! smiley