An opportunity to experience compassion and kindness through volunteering

Sushrusha 2.0 is DAV Schools' initiative to provide volunteering opportunities to children from grade 6 to 8 and to any other children from lower classes if they show an interest and ability to do the same. All the opportunities are virtual and can be done by a child in 1-3 hours. The initiative will enable children to virtually volunteer their time for a good cause. All activities are designed such that the outcomes can benefit many others while nurturing the compassion in each child and parent.

Our children are known for their positive attitude, thanks to the culture of caring which we are trying to establish in them. It would be really wonderful if this can be translated into outcomes that will serve the needy. The experience of volunteering will enrich them greatly, give them exposure to social causes and help them use their time and skills for a worthy cause.

DAV Sushrusha 2.0 is being implemented in partnership with iVolunteer - India's first and most trusted service for volunteering. For DAV Sushrusha 2.0, iVolunteer has organized the following projects with its partner NGOs. Click on a project for details.

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