An opportunity to experience compassion and kindness through volunteering

Sushrusha 2.0 is DAV Schools' initiative to provide volunteering opportunities to children from grade 6 to 8 and to any other children from lower classes if they show an interest and ability to do the same. All the opportunities are virtual and can be done by a child in 1-3 hours. The initiative will enable children to virtually volunteer their time for a good cause. All activities are designed such that the outcomes can benefit many others while nurturing the compassion in each child and parent.

Our children are known for their positive attitude, thanks to the culture of caring which we are trying to establish in them. It would be really wonderful if this can be translated into outcomes that will serve the needy. The experience of volunteering will enrich them greatly, give them exposure to social causes and help them use their time and skills for a worthy cause.

DAV Sushrusha 2.0 is being implemented in partnership with iVolunteer - India's first and most trusted service for volunteering. For DAV Sushrusha 2.0, iVolunteer has organized the following projects with its partner NGOs. Click on a project for details.

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NGO Website Review

Serves Age Group: 8th Standard Voice your views on Social Media Platforms of NGOs Critique the website content of NGOs – be it content, presentation or photographs on the Website. Feedback from absolutely anyone will be constructive. Project Background: All NGOs use social media to communicate their work. Their websites are also supposed to describe what they do. This content is created with the purpose of attracting people like you. Yet most organisations have poor quality content. You can provide a critique of the social media content of NGOs on all their social media platforms. Details of the Website will be given to each volunteer. How do you do this? You will be given the name of the NGO and Website link you would have to review You will then need to go to their official Website. You will need to look into their drawbacks and the need for improvement in their Website. A form will be given to you by iVolunteer support for the review of their Website. What do you need? Access to internet An open mind while analysing the Social media platform. A keen eye to detail so that one can look on to what needs to be changed for the better. Knowledge regarding various social media platforms Template on the questions which the volunteer will have to answer will be provided by iVolunteer. Your Parent can help you with Reviwing the Website.

Through 31-03-21

Making Worksheets for NGO Children

Serves Age Group: 6th to 8th Standard Create worksheets for grade 3–8 in any subjects like Math, Science, GK - in English language. Children belonging to well to do schools have access to online resources which helps them cope with the loss of direct teaching. However, children in low income schools are struggling both because of lack of resources as well as poor bandwidth and network issues. The volunteer will be required to create worksheets in for grade 3–8 covering subjects such as Math, Science, GK in any language. The volunteer could pick a subject, a chapter and/or a concept to create a worksheet in. How will you do it? Use a Word doc to create worksheets Choose any subject you like take reference from your textbooks and create MCQ type questions, Fill in the blanks, True or False, Match the column etc. Create basic Worksheets which are interesting and solvable. Please also provide the solution set. Can create the Worksheet in any language. Feel free to make it as creative as possible. Keep in mind things that you would enjoy. Note: Once the worksheets are ready you can send them to What do you need? Access to the internet Some basic knowledge of the subjects that you are creating the worksheets on Ability to simplify concepts and convert them into interesting and easy worksheets.

Through 31-03-21

Taking Online Classes for Children

Serves Age Group: 8 standard You will be assigned a child from a lower class and can take sessions in Science, English, Social studies . Knowing Tamil is important for this activity . While children from lesser privileged backgrounds do have access to online classes, many find it difficult to clarify doubts because they are not face to face with the teacher. iVolunteer Support: Will help you set up the meeting with a Child. We will provide you with the Child's Number. How will you do this? You will call the child on a given number Ask the child what subjects she has doubts in and would like help Based on the response, do your homework on the concept that the child has difficulty. Set up a call with the child to take classes on the same.

Through 31-03-21

Shoot Career Awareness Videos

Serves Age Group: 6-8 standard Time Required: 2 hour per video for shooting and finalising the script and approx. 2 hours for reseach to create the script Career Choice is a significant life decision for a child. Because once they know the career track they would like they can then pick their education stream after 10th grade. There seems to be lack of access to these streams of information. Children are only aware of the very common careers. iVolunteer is working towards building a repository of career awareness videos with the help of volunteers. What you need to do? Come up with the career you want to talk about Research and find out all the relevant info regarding that particular career Use that info to design the script you want to use. You can cover things like what education you need for that career, what does the job entail, how much does the course cost, scholarships if any etc Practice the script Use your phone camera or a camera to record the video. Make sure that the camera is steady and the frame is clear Naration can be in English or vernacular language Skill Required: 1) Research Skills: Volunteer will need to research about the career 2) Creative thinking: Use your creativity to come up with the script and the design the video 3) Confidence to be on camera Your parent can help with research/ narating or writing the script

Through 01-04-21

Application of Shlokas

Serves Age Group: 6-8 standard Shlokas are part of our daily lives. We recite them and try to apply them. However many out there stop at reciting them without necessarily knowing what they mean or the application of the same in daily life. What needs to be done ? You will recite the Shloka, one line at a time Explain the meaning of that line, key words in English Create scenarios where the same can be applied Record the same on audio and video (where possible) and upload/email it to us

Through 31-03-21

Tell a Story-Sushrusha

Serves Age Group: 3-8 standard Project Background Once upon a time there was a child named Renu who loved listening tostories. Sadly, she had finished all the stories from her story book and because of the lockdown she could not get another story book. Would you like to help Renu and all the many children out there who love stories by telling your stories or reciting classic stories to them? Then come join our campaign “Tell a Story.” It is iVolunteer’s largest virtual volunteering opportunity. Reaching out to everyone who has a smart phone in India and can speak any Indian Language to bring a smile to a child's face. Purpose To create a story bank for children of the age group of 4 to 10 years in different Indian languages. What are we going to do with these stories? iVolunteer has connected to many NGOs around India who work with children. We will share these audio stories with them so that they can play it for the children they work with. We would appreciate it if the content was in vernacular language due to the dearth of content out there. Languages could be Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujrati, Konkani etc. What needs to be done? (An instruction manual with further instructions will be sent to you when you register.) 1. Use a simple voice recorder. Please refer to the instructions manual to learn more 2. If you are writing your own stories. Please refer to the instructions manual 3. We would really appreciate vernacular language stories 4. The stories should be short keeping in mind children’s attention span 5. Once you have recorded the story you can send us the audio file on 6. Please send the file in mp3 or m4a format. Please refer to the instructions manual. Things to remember: 1. Keep in mind the age group of the children while picking the story 2. Keep it simple and lite 3. Refrain using vulgar words 4. Lastly, Have Fun! Who can participate? Anyone who loves reading and would like to share their skill with children who are eager to listen to stories.

Through 31-03-21