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Make it count.

We see a world where every person has the opportunity to see and understand themselves. We enable you to discover and activate your potential where you can share your time, skills and passion; transform yourself with life changing experiences that will redefine the way you see yourself, and your surroundings.

Why should you volunteer your services when you can sell them? Why should you spend a Saturday evening with an orphan when you could be spending time with your family?

We don’t have the answers to those questions, all we have are some stories.......

Most people volunteer because they want to give something back and find they get much more in return.

Challenge yourself to get a head start

Whether you are a homemaker, a student, a working professional or an elderly, there is always someone out there who can benefit from your help. Someone, who needs something, that you know how to do. Volunteers give their time, skills and passion because they always get more in return than they expected. Giving back to the society and making a difference are just two of the reasons why many people volunteer.

How you can get involved

  • Active Citizen Volunteering

  • Skilled Based Volunteering

  • India Fellow

  • International Volunteer Program

  • iVolunteer Overseas.

Share your thoughts on volunteering, your vision of the world we inhabit and most importnatly your experiences that can inspire others to join. Connect with us and follow us.

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