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Congratulations on you first step to volunteering! 

So you're curious about volunteering. Curiosity combined with compassion and commitment, is what makes volunteering meaningful too. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or where you’re located or whether you have enough resources. What matters is, if you are ready to bring a change in your society and work towards a better future.

Here’s how you can start volunteering:  (or see quickly How it works on iVolunteer)


Does the little beggar boy at the signal, move you to think about poverty in India? Does polluted surrounding, with its dangerous effects, bother you? Or do you feel concerned for the cause of women safety? Pick one or two causes that really touch you and make you want to do something about them.


What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing? Are there any professional skills that you can put to use, while contributing to a cause?  How much time can you spend for volunteering? Do you want to restrict yourself to charity or do you want to be more involved? Ask yourself these questions, before committing yourself to the cause.

3.   ACT 

When you know your cause and the ways you can contribute, it’s easier to search for an opportunity. Find what you can do in your neighbourhood or college or company or ask for ways you can support, at an NGO near you. Search here for a relevant opportunity or simply get in touch with the iVolunteer Centre closest to you. Keep a tab on whats happening through our presence on Facebook , InstagramTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube and engage with our growing community that loves volunteering .Start small or bring a few others and begin with a bang. There are several ways you can reach out and volunteer for the cause that’s close to your heart!

4.   Take the LEAD
One way to volunteering is to simply do what is required or is asked of. But if you’re a person who’s already an expert volunteer and has a hunger for doing more than the ordinary- it’s time to get proactive. Create a Volunteering Opportunity of your own, start a fundraising campaign, or get in touch with an iVolunteer VRM, to participate in distinct projects that will challenge and inspire you.

Always remember, volunteering is as much about giving of yourself, as receiving from the experience. Be open & humble.


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