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How iVolunteer supports volunteers?

"... support from iVolunteer was overwhelming. It really worked as a bridge between me and the NGO... Aarti (iVolunteer team) ... has been my constant source of motivation since the beginning ..." says Derrick, Volunteer.

A happy and rewarding volunteering experience can result into many more. Similarly, an unhappy or dis-satisfactory volunteering experience can be very discouraging too. iVolunteer nurtures each little experience of a volunteer so that all of them together can create a volunteering movement in India 

What this platform ( offers

  1. Sign up with your email or Facebook account and create a personal profile on, to communicate your volunteer preferences like availability in terms of time and distance, interests, and skills.
  2. Choose an opportunity that suits your profile and schedule, from our range of services.
  3. Form a team with fellow volunteers or your friends or family using our platform. In addition, a team captain can also sign up an entire team for a volunteering opportunity, with a single click.
  4. Mark your attendance, review your volunteering engagement, and share your feedback using your Volunteering Dashboard, anywhere, anytime on your mobile. Participated in an unlisted project? Self-report your volunteer service using the same account.
  5. Track your volunteering journey and with a single click and print or download your complete volunteer history (it can fetch you browny points in your education, career, and social engagements)

More services

  1. Create a structured volunteering program for your college or company
  2. Take a lead and gather momentum around a cause, using the iVolunteer website and resources
  3. Enhance your reach and promote your cause using digital and social media platforms.
  4. Join us for a Volunteer Orientation or a “chai gupshup” session with fellow volunteers, every once in a while.

What’s on your mind? Lets us know. Connect with our Volunteer Specialists today!

iVolunteer Managed and Partner Managed volunteering opportunities: iVolunteer brings you opportunities managed by iVolunteer directly and those by NGOs on this platform

  • iVolunteer managed - iVolunteer takes the responsibility of verifying the organization and the volunteering opportunity and supports the volunteer and the NGO in getting the right match. There is no fee for the volunteers to avail of these services
  • NGO managed - any NGO can use the iVolunteer platform to post its volunteering opportunities. Volunteers directly apply to the NGO and understand the NGO and the volunteer requirements therein. There's no fee for volunteers here either :)

iVolunteer has also created specific programs to engage volunteers based upon the nature of volunteer engagement. You can know more about these and our recent initiatives here.

If you are part of an academic institute, a company, or any other organised group with a large number of volunteers, iVolunteer can also support your organisation by helping develop bespoke volunteering programs. Connect with us.             FAQs        How it works for Volunteers        ©2023 iVolunteer      How it works for NGOs         Privacy Policy            Terms of Use