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Corporate Whiteboard

Whiteboard supports NGOs with strategic advisory through a panel of senior industry experts in core organisation management functions like marketing, HR, finance, planning, governance, and communication. It aims to be an engaged and dynamic volunteering eco system where NGOs have access to senior executives to support them achieve their mission.
In recent years there has been a lot of interest evinced by corporates to have such a forum within their organisation. We launched the first Corporate Whiteboard in Bangalore, with two organisations, in Jan 2019. The progress made by this Corporate Whiteboard is very encouraging, and has given us the confidence and conviction that this model can be a sustainable and scalable one.



The twin objectives of this initiative is to (a) spread the volunteering spirit wider and more specifically into the corporate environment, and (b) Professional development of the Volunteer Directors, by providing an opportunity for those with leadership potential to develop the same in a more challenging context.



In addition to supporting many more non-profits this initiative of the Whiteboard has a lot to offer both to the Volunteer Directors and the participating Corporates.


For the Volunteer Directors:

  1. Exposure to a Board of Directors type framework which helps prepare them for their future
  2. It gives an opportunity for networking with other high-potential people which improves their own benchmarking standards
  3. The nature of the context and the people they will be engaging with helps them to improve their EQ
  4. Non-profits throws diverse contexts which gives them excellent exposure
  5. It gives opportunity to utilise their personal skills to help the society – which gives them personal satisfaction which is invaluable

For the participating Corporates:

  1. An excellent opportunity for wholistic Leadership development of their hi-potential employees
  2. It greatly help improve the employer branding – both inside and outside the organisation
  3. Generates goodwill and enhances their corporate image in the community outside
  4. Provides an additional avenue to help their CSR partners, to manage their organisational challenges, by leveraging their own internal leadership talent.

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