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Volunteering for school students - community engagement and social work projects

From the age of 4- 16 a child spends almost every waking day at school - a place that nurtures this child into a functional and productive adult . At iVolunteer, our belief is that just as a school inspires children to study and gain knowledge, equally the same school can create compassionate adults from young children. 

Our school volunteering programme aims to instill the values of service and compassion in every child through activities where children can volunteer. The volunteering is aligned to the cause that the child feels strongly about as well as something that s/he can do easily, either independently or at school with others. Self reflection is a core component of the school volunteering programme.

school student volunteering in Chennai with iVolunteerIn a recent pilot with the DAV Group of schools, we launched Sushrusha (meaning service) where every child was invited to participate in simple volunteering activities. The unique service learning program saw more than 1500 children participate during the pandemic in a variety acts of volunteering.

iVolunteer has engaged students in volunteering for several years across India in partnership with private and government schools, and through student cousellors  and interested parents. We also have scores of students directly reeaching out to us.

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