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India Fellow is an experiential social leadership program for young Indians that include working full time for a year with a field partner organization (called host organization) on a specific project or issue together with training, peer learning and mentoring. This experience will empower India Fellows to find their own leadership potential, shape their futures and make a difference.

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To be eligible, the applicants must meet the following criteria :

  • You are between 20 to 28 years of age.
  • You are already a graduate (in any discipline) or will be by July 2017 before fellowship begins.
  • You are an Indian citizen.
  • You are ready for a 13 month full time commitment to the fellowship.
  • You understand that this is not just a job and will expect you to be engaged 24X7 in the process with the community.
  • You understand that you can be placed in any part of the country and in any thematic area.

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Latest posts from our Fellows

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An Unusual and Unexpected Walk in Ladakh

By Umang Jain. Thu, 19 Jul 2018

As a part of our Design Thinking Travel Workshop in Leh, Ladakh, we were given 3-4 day work assignments with different organizations in the region. My...

The ‘Witches’ of Jharkhand

By Ayush Rastogi. Tue, 17 Jul 2018

Witch Hunting, also known as Dayan Pratha (डायन प्रथा) is a practice in India, where women are treated as symbols and are considered as a token...

Why Hiring People With Disabilities Makes Business Sense

By Pritha Sengupta. Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Hiring people with disabilities may seem like a social and/or moral responsibility, but it is much more than that. More and more research is revealing that...

I Have a Problem With Teamwork

By Sandeep Praharsha. Sun, 15 Jul 2018

Ever since my childhood days, I rarely participated in events which involved intense group work or brainstorming with other people. I used to despise my teachers...

The Fear of Asking For Anything

By Stephen Charles. Sat, 14 Jul 2018

We think so much about what the world would think of us, and how our friends would see us. We try to keep our image intact...

Life in a Metro [From a Fellow’s Lens]

By Reshna Alexander. Fri, 13 Jul 2018

Disclaimer: These are musings from my personal experiences and not a generalized opinion that could be applied to every individual. Though I wouldn’t call myself a...

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