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Updates on key social projects and special volunteer initiatives

Updates on key social projects and special volunteer initiatives

  • Tell A Story - Video @DaanUtsav2021

    Our flagship intiative for Daan Utsav 2021 aims to build a library of video stories which children ffrom anywhere can access free. 20,000 stories - thats our goal. And we believe its possible because of you...

  • COVID Oxygen Relief for Critical Patients

    Responding to the oxygen shortage during the 2nd peak of COVID in India, Mission Oxygen partnered with the community and corporates to supply oxygen concentrators, cylinders and related medical supplies

  • Spotlight

    Case Studies from Beneficiaries & Partners of Welspun Foundation - "Tiny Seeds Grow Might Trees", and "Health, Hygiene & Happiness"

  • Our Volunteer Heroes

    Meet our very own volunteers who help us power volunteering in India. Contact us if you want to join in our mission to catalyse volunteering in India (you need to register on before you can volunteer with us)

  • Asia Pacific ProBono Summit, 13-15 Oct, 2020

    Held under the aegis of Global Pro Bono Network, the Summit was a forerunner to the Global Pro Bono Summit, Paris 2020 and the Latin American Pro Bono Summit 2020. Leaders of the pro bono movement from across Asia Pacific collaborated under the theme “Setting the Context for Pro Bono in the Aftermath of COVID-19”

  • Tell A Story

    1000s of Children Stories contributed by volunteers in multiple regional languages and dialects ranging. And a podcast (spotify, google podcast, anchor) dedicated to each language. Join the fun and help the underprivileged children learn alongside

  • Poems by our volunteers

    poetic expressions of Volunteers who have taken 'Time for Nature' and have expressed their concern for the environment in their native languages. Read and be inspired!

  • Supply of food ration and essentials for Corona Relief

    As COVID-19 pandemic inflicted immense misery and the lockdown has left the migrant labourers, daily-wage earners, and homeless struggling for essentials like food for survival, iVolunteer instantly started providing essential relief - serving meals, distributing ration kits and other relief material. The campaign was supported by several individual donors, corporate partners, volunteers and NGO community organisations.

  • Corona Relief: Delivering Meals

    Serving ready meals, food packets to affected communities and refreshments to frontline covid warriors, the campaign catered to the most basic of human needs - food for survival

  • Relief for migrant labourer and families suffering from Corona & nationwide lockdown

    Cash Relief provided direct cash benefits to migrant labourers stranded on the streets, families in remote villages dependent on daily wages, and urban slum residents who lost their incomes during the national lockdown imposed to fight the 1st Corona wave in India

  • Being virtual and being of service!!

    Virtual volunteering or Online volunteering usually refer to volunteer activities, using the Internet or other Internet-connected devices, such as a smart-phone or a computer. Volunteers can transcend geographical and manmade borders and contribute to a cause without physical presence at an NGO office or community. Volunteer From Home, or wherever you choose to be!

  • Corporate Roundtable for Employee Volunteering

    Corporate Round Table (CRT) is an initiative for heads of HR and CSR from different companies to share and learn with their peers about employee engagement - what works, what fails, opportunities that exist, challenges that have to be countered ... what are our collective insights these?

  • Resources on volunteering

    A curated collection of volunteering research, studies, publications. Also a bank of common resources shared by volunteers for use by other volunteers, NGOs, and community organisations.

  • Surveys for Volunteer Involving Organisations

    Volunteer Management Workshop for NGOs: Participate in this survey for a chance to participate in an upcoming workshop to build your NGO's capacity to manage volunteers.

  • Good Deeds Day 2019 update
  • Good Deeds Day

    ... a global movement that unites 4 million people from over 108 countries to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet. It is an ideal way to engage, grow or showcase corporate social responsibility platforms and efforts, and align with positive change.

  • Your Missing Link to Sustainability- A design workshop for High Impact Corporate Volunteering Program.

    Offered in partnership with Asociacion Trabajo Voluntario and Osmia the goal of the program is to ensure employee engagement, leadership, and success by enabling and empowering corporate managers to plan, design, implement and evaluate corporate volunteering programs using cutting-edge methodologies.

  • National Volunteering Week

    iVolunteer partners with India@75 (CII’s grassroots initiative) to celebrate the National Volunteering Week

  • Global Summit on Corporate Volunteering 2019; India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

    On 26th February 2019, at the Global Summit on corporate Volunteering, over 100 delegates from more than 30 of India’s leading companies, together with leaders of volunteering from 23 countries from Peru in the West to Japan in the East and almost every major economy in between, deliberated on subjects critical to practice of Corporate Volunteering with the goal of maximising community impact.

  • iVolunteer Awards

    the only Indian awards to celebrate excellence in individual as well as organisational volunteering. Celebrating, Rewarding, and Promoting Volunteering in India since 2012 ...

  • Work with us

    Our present and past team members often quote the trust, flexibility, and opportunity to work with a varied set of people and partners as key differentiators from other employers. If you have energy, drive and a keen interest in serving the community, JOIN US!!

  • Skill Marathon

    Skill Marathon is a unique 'Done in a Day' model of volunteer engagement, where volunteers and NGOs come together on the same platform to brainstorm and work on several NGO needs. In tune with current times, the 2021 Skill Marathon moved to the Virtual world with 15 NGOs & 70+ volunteers participating from across India

  • Our Global Connect

    With a firm belief in leveraging the best of volunteering expertise for India and connecting Indian volunteering to the world, iVolunteer has a strong network with volunteer serving organisations in 40+ countries. It represents India at 3 global volunteering forums ...

  • Our Social Media & Digital World

    Volunteering is always close. Literally!  So iVolunteer now reaches you where you are, in your digital world and social media blush Just choose your mediums and you'll find the latest from iVolunteer there. Also checkout iVolunteer in other media

  • Kerala Flood Relief 2018

    When rains and floods ravaged Kerala - God's own country - community and volunteers from across India and the world sprang to action donating, supplying relief, and supporting on the ground and virtually

  • iVolunteer Centres

    Look up the iVolunteer Centre located closest to you - it lists the volunteering opportunities, volunteer specialists, and contact details. Check out the current volunteering opportunities on a map and connect with our volunteer specialists

  • India Fellow

    ... an experiential social leadership program for young Indians to find their own leadership potential, shape their futures and make a difference.

  • How iVolunteer supports volunteers?

    A happy and rewarding volunteering experience can result in many more. Similarly, an unhappy or dis-satisfactory volunteering experience can be very discouraging too. iVolunteer nurtures each little experience of a volunteer so that all of them together can create a volunteering movement in India

  • GYAN+

    Supported by Singapore International Foundation, GYAN+ is an Organization Management and Leadership development program that aims to strengthen the management capacity of growing development organisations by through training and mentoring focused on the key executives of such organisations.

  • GYAN - Get Your Answers Now

    'GYAN', an acronym for Get Your Answers Now, are customized and highly interactive training workshops designed to build the capacity of employees of Non-Profit Organizations.

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