Corporate Volunteering

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Globally, companies are integrating community investment programmes such as CSR, payroll giving, corporate citizenship into sustainable business strategy. The last decade has seen a significant rise, particularly in corporate volunteering i.e. businesses supporting and encouraging staff involvement in the community. In India specifically, the CSR law in 2013 catapulted businesses to re-look at their philanthropic and community initiatives as a way of doing business.

Why Corporate Volunteering?

Corporate Volunteering is about businesses supporting and encouraging staff involvement in the community – for mutual benefit - thus making the business and social case quite straightforward. Here's a quick 3x3 wrap-up of the advantages of a well-designed corporate volunteering program which is well integrated with the business:

  1. Good for Companies
    1. Demonstrates commitment to building healthy communities
    2. Staff Development: Team work, a more loyal and productive workforce, skills training
    3. A positive public image and a reinforced brand loyalty
  2. Good for Employees
    1. Psychological fulfilment and satisfaction of ‘giving back’ to society
    2. Opportunity to develop and demonstrate new skills and enhance existing ones
    3. Opportunity to enhance the connection between executives and employees
  3. Good for Communities
    1. Brings new, highly skilled volunteers to the community
    2. Helps build new and lasting partnerships between the civil society and businesses
    3. Increased awareness about the community issues and improved understanding between sectors

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