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Corporate Volunteering Services

Checkout 2020 Asia Pacific Pro Bono Summit co-hosted by Pyxera Global & iVolunteer

Corporate Employee Volunteering is about businesses encouraging and supporting their employees’ involvement with the community – for mutual benefit. iVolunteer aligns employee volunteering interests to community needs and corporate goals to achieve maximum impact.

iVolunteer approach

Key principles for iVolunteer Services:

  • Individual choice; employer supported
  • Twin objectives – employee engagement & community impact 
  • Recognition & accountability

iVolunteer helps corporates strategise and execute a volunteering programme by engaging on:

  • Policy (as advisors)
  • Execution (as partners)
  • Rewards & Recognition (third party certification)

iVolunteer believes engaging people is key to widespread adoption of CSR into the corporate DNA and works to embed and enlarge the scope of people engagement with volunteering as a starting point.

Refer iVolunteer's approach to instutionalise volunteering. Our 4E model transforms individuals through a curated journey of Exposure, Experience, Engagement and Evangelise (4Es) and prepares employee volunteers to engage in periodic, regular and skills based volunteering.

Corporate Round Table

How can corporates get more employees to volunteer? What are some of the reasons for their not being able to achieve the optimal? iVolunteer's Corporate Round Table (iVCRT) discussions over the past year across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore led to some really interesting sharing of experiences around employee volunteering. The following questions were raised and some very helpful insights drawn 

  • What makes it harder for employees to sign up for volunteering?
  • What creates poor volunteer engagement? 
  • What results in poor volunteer retention?  

Read the full report here 

Recent Initiatives

To build the policy and practice of corporate volunteering in India, iVolunteer continually invests in intiitatives for focused trainings, learning platforms and policy development. Some of the intiatives in the recent past have been:

  • 2020 Asia Pacific Pro Bono Summit co-hosted with Pyxera Global
  • Hosted the Global Pro Bono Summit 2018 in Mumbai - previous Summits were held in New York, San Francisco, Berlin & Singapore while the 2019 Summit circled back to New york
  • Global Summit on Corporate Volunteering 2019 - Hosted alongwith the Points of Light Foundation's global affiliates gathering in 2019. Checkout the complete agenda here
  • High Impact Corporate Volunteering Design Workshop in 2019 with in partnership with Asociacion Trabajo Voluntario and Osmia led by Master trainer and social entrepreneur Jaime Ulloa, Founder & Executive President - Asociación Trabajo Voluntario, Peru

Do it to Experience it!

By derrick061095. Fri, 17 Jul 2020

Sometimes it’s all about how you can change someone’s life. The complete transformation that happens in that person’s life because of your little efforts is a feeling worth experiencing. It gives you inner happiness and joy which cannot be expressed. It all started in May 2020 when I got an opportunity to teach conversational English […]

Making virtual volunteering work – Aarti & Shalabh

By shalabhs. Wed, 15 Jul 2020

Experts share useful tips on boosting employee engagement and corporate volunteering programs with partner NGOs as the world goes virtual during Covid times.

Transforming not just buildings but DREAMS

By PriyankaS21. Tue, 12 May 2020

Education has always been a focal point in anyone’s life and so it is for the people working towards social change. Education is not just limited to language, books, syllabus but it has so many different aspects and so the area of work is equally vast iVolunteer, a pioneer in volunteering has always tried to […]

Volunteer’s Boat of Confidence

By Vidit Horo. Tue, 04 Dec 2018

The definition of volunteering can be summed up in one line – using your skills to impact the social sector. How difficult is it? The answer to this question is best explained below. A small boy notices a consumed plastic bottle floating in the middle of the pond. In flash, his mother’s lessons appear before […]

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