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Our Volunteer Heroes

iVolunteer powers volunteering in India. And of course, we depend on several volunteers who power iVolunteer itself. Over the years, many have contributed to iVolunteer's services, some even joined the iVolunteer team and moved on to become iVolunteer ambassadors for life. Featured here are Key volunteers who are presently or have been recently engaged. Contact us if you want to join in our mission to catalyse volunteering in India (you need to register on before you can volunteer with us)

Archana Hari: Leader - Tech Volunteers team. Quote: "Each one of us has done something to help another living soul in our lives - however small or big. iVolunteer works towards building a movement across the nation to connect volunteers with non-profits working for the underserved. It was a no-brainer for me to take the opportunity of being a multiplier and help in a small way to grow the movement. My experience with iVolunteer has brought me deep satisfaction in being able to contribute my skills while learning to empathise. I thank them for trusting me and look forward to being able to contribute to build the movement in the years to come." Yash: Tech Volunteer. Quote: "Having an incredible time applying my data skills to help build three Salesforce dashboards to improve iVolunteer India's impact. It's incredible that not only have I been able to do this project virtually from America but also work with the Co-Founder of iVolunteer and the COO of Reap Benefit. I'm hoping this project will lead to more lucrative career opportunities for me and boost my pay as well since I've noticed an increase in my data analysis, communication, and consulting skills." Sarayu Madhiyazhagan: Content Volunteer.  Helping iVolunteer review Tamil content for our 'Tell A Story' volunteering opportunity, Sarayu goes an extra step and writes pointers for volunteers whose stories had to be unfortunately be declined for some reason. She says, "I really enjoyed interacting with iVolunteer and being a part of this amazing initiative. I would be thrilled to spread the word and be a part of other initiatives as and when time permits"             FAQs        How it works for Volunteers        ©2023 iVolunteer      How it works for NGOs         Privacy Policy            Terms of Use             

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