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Youth Champion

Welcome to the Youth Champion application page. This is where you tell us about your volunteering experiences – your story! The Youth Champion category is awarded to young individuals for exemplary display of commitment to spread of volunteerism in India. Those who have volunteered their time and skills individually, or through a non-profit, for community development between January 2022 and August 2023 may apply.

This category is for individuals under 23, if you are aged 23 and above, please consider applying in the Volunteer Hero Category
Volunteer Hero

The applicants will be assessed on the basis of:
  • Demonstrated benefit to the community/organisation
  • Evidence of initiative and innovation
  • Commitment of the volunteer
  • Sustainability of the project after the volunteer has left
  • Length of service and number of hours spent volunteering
To Apply for the Youth Champion category:

In case you have any difficulties in filling the application form, write to us at:
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Selection Process

Applications Received and screened

The awards team will conduct an initial screening of all entries submitted to the iVolunteer Awards

Expert Panel & Public Voting

If your entry is selected, a brief summary of your volunteering experience will be uploaded on the iVolunteer Awards website. This synopsis of your work will serve as your public profile that people will use as a reference to know and learn more about you and to vote for you. In parallel, a panel of experts will also review all applications

Finalists Shortlisted

The five applicant profiles that receive the highest number of votes as well as five applicant profiles shortlisted by a ‘Panel of Experts’ will then be presented to the Grand Jury.

Grand Jury Selects Winner

The grand jury that comprises of representatives from diverse walks of life, will meet virtually and select a winner. The winner names will be kept confidential to the Awards Committee.

Winners declared!

The winner in the Volunteer Hero category will be announced alongside other winners at the iVolunteer Awards Ceremony.             FAQs        How it works for Volunteers        ©2023 iVolunteer      How it works for NGOs         Privacy Policy            Terms of Use             

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