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1. I would like to work as a volunteer and dedicate my time and skill. How do I start?

You can easily dedicate your time and skill to a good cause that meets your passion and interest. You can determine when for whom and how often you want to do volunteer. Do you want to work alone, or, with your team? After working hours, on the weekend or during working hours? Dedicate your day to volunteering. Together we make it a better place!

2. I already have an online account. How do I sign up for an activity?

There are two ways to sign up:

  1. Go to search and complete the fields you consider important based on the search result apply to the one that suits your requirement.
  2. Or check the volunteer opportunity listed and select the one that you would want to volunteer for.


4. I have already signed up for an activity, but am unable to come. What should I do?

Go to ‘my account’ and delete the details you entered for the relevant activity in the column ‘upcoming events'.

As soon as you know that you cannot make it, let us know via your account. By doing this you give another volunteer the opportunity to register and thus ensure that the activity can continue. Tip: you can also ask a friend to take your place.

5. Why is it important to show up?

Because that is what you agreed to. The non-profit organization and we count on you. Without your support, the success of this activity is not possible

In case you cannot make it, sign out of the activity via your account. Go to ‘my account’ and delete your details with respect to the relevant activity in the column ‘upcoming events’.

6. How do I become a Volunteer Leader?

Volunteer Leaders are crucial for the success of the projects. Without Volunteer Leaders, we cannot organize our projects. As Volunteer Leader, you combine your passion and skills for a good cause and guide a group of volunteers during an activity. You commit to being a Volunteer Leader for at least four months, for a minimum of four activities. This way, you support the non-profit organization.

7. What is the difference between a Volunteer Leader and a Volunteer?

A Volunteer Leader commits to a period of four months, in which he or she guides a small group of volunteers during at least four activities. However, a volunteer performs in an individual capacity.

8. How do I receive a certificate for my voluntary work?

You can find the information on the non-profit organization you committed yourself to and the number of volunteer hours you dedicated to this organization under the activity overview in your own account. If you need any additional certificates please contact your volunteer opportunity coordinator.

9. Can I share the activity on social media?

Yes. The more people join and share activities on social media, the greater chances of getting volunteers for the opportunity.

10. Can I ask my friends to sign up as well?

Yes, please! The more people sign up, the greater the impact we achieve.


11. We need volunteers for a particular activity, or we are looking for a certain expertise/coaching. How do I specify my request or activity?

All activities initiated and coordinated by iVolunteer are coordinated with our non-profit partners.  Please contact us and we can post it for you.

Non-profit organizations, which are partners and have experience in working with volunteers, will get the opportunity to create their own requests in the future.

12. Our organization is looking for volunteers and we also would like to expand our network. How does our organization become a partner of iVolunteer?

Volunteers gladly commit themselves to non-profit organizations, but often don’t know how to find you.
iVolunteer supports non-profit organizations with respect to initiating partnerships and successful respective volunteer opportunities.

More than 400 non-profit organizations are already partners of our network. Your organization can become a partner with us, please contact our relationship manager for your city.             FAQs        How it works for Volunteers        ©2023 iVolunteer      How it works for NGOs         Privacy Policy            Terms of Use