Being virtual and being of service, goes a long way!

While the world braces itself for the challenge from #TerrorCorona, lets practice social distancing while contributing when our service is most required - #goVirtual and #continuevolunteering here ...

Virtual volunteering or Online volunteering usually refer to volunteer activities, using the Internet or other Internet-connected device, such as a smart-phone or a computer. VA convenient form of volunteering, it helps volunteers transcend geographical and manmade borders and contribute to a cause or a non-profit that you care for. No longer is it necessary to work from an NGO's physical office to make a positive impact. Check out the key advantages:

  • Work from the comfort of your home, office, college or while on the road
  • Use the device you are most comfotable with - your own
  • Safety, security, convenience - all in your hand
  • Impact is often high since virtual volunteering projects mostly leverage higher skills

Ready to begin? Checkout the projects below or just reach out to our fab colleagues Sangya, Amrutha, Roshni or Shahnawaz.

Make stressful times, an opportunity to spread some goodness in the Society - we need it :)

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