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Building leadership strength of growing social enterprises

Solving a complex social problem mostly demands passionate leadership & capable organisations. However, there is a visible gap of management capacity at most organizations with a social mission. Leadership at NGOs and social enterprises are often constrained by a lack of experienced executives who can support organizational growth. Moreover, there is a dearth of programs that support the professional development of key executives of growing organizations. This often leads to stretched leadership that struggles with managing organizational growth.

GYAN+, an initiative of iVolunteer & supported by Singapore International Foundation – is an Organization Management and Leadership development program that aims to strengthen the management capacity of growing development organisations by through training and mentoring focused on the key executives of such organisations. Given the time constraints that the executives already face, the program is structured with a short contact training followed up with ongoing mentoring support.

Program Schedule

Day 1 - Sep 24, 2018

Theory of Change

  • Understanding the main concepts of Theory of Change
  • Defining the Theory of Change for your Organisation
  • Using the Theory of change to set select organisational goals for 2018-2019
Day 2 - Sep 25, 2018

Project Management Basics

  • People: Managing up, Managing down
  • Enabling and accelerating team performance
  • Work styles - discovering self and others
Day 3 - Sep 26, 2018

Learn strategies of Aware, Accept and Adapt model

  • Performance management
  • Communicating leadership style
  • Connecting with staff and encouraging the HEART
Day 4 - Sep 27, 2018

Introduction to Outreach

  • Marketing
  • Communication strategy and channels
Day 5 - Sep 28, 2018

Bringing it all together

  • Wrap up



Ayesha Kohli

Ayesha Kohli has over fifteen years of experience as a communications specialist. Her background includes working in brand management, public relations, and journalism. She currently runs two companies - Sparq Communications, set up in 2012-a content creation consultancy that takes on B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) projects involving editorial and social media strategy and implementation.

Clients have included lifestyle, technology, design and education companies. She also set up a fashion accessories label called “Ayesha Cashmere” in 2014 where she oversees design, production, marketing and distribution of handcrafted premium cashmere scarves. Within two years of launch, Ayesha Cashmere scarves are available in New York, Singapore, Sydney and Jakarta on various online platforms and have a growing base of fans.

Angilay Davy

Angie started her career as a Social Worker heading a new department for recalcitrant drug abusers and thereafter she worked in different capacities with children from low-income and abusive families; orphanage; and adults who have been incarcerated.

She later specialized in Human Capital Development, specializing in Learning & Development, in both the public and private sectors for the past 20 years. She is experienced in Organisational Learning and Development with a focus on leadership; building teams; managing diversity at work and personal development in individuals in the Asia Pacific. She is the Senior Consultant/ Facilitator of Management Synergy Pte Ltd and Ad Principium Consulting.

Angie is passionate about people and in empowering them to realize their potential to make a difference in their sphere of influence and to perform at their peak in their careers by connecting to their true self. She is now in the journey of re-igniting to her passion in counseling.

Ms. Chen Jinwen: Jinwen is an Assistant Manager of Research and Programmes at the Lien Centre for Social Innovation. Trained in human geography and qualitative research, Jinwen holds a Master’s (Research) and Bachelor’s Degree in Geography at the National University of Singapore. She also has varied experiences in the social and non-profit sector. She has worked in a range of sectors from healthcare, international development and environment, and has been involved in strategic management, communications, consulting and research. Her passion is in harnessing research and education to address social and environmental issues.

Ms. Irene Chia

Irene has more than 17 years of Organisational Development (OD) experience. Her focus is on leadership and team development; change management; and organisational learning. Her interventions aim at addressing attitudes, beliefs, values and systemic structure to bring out the potential in individuals and organisations, helping them to thrive in evolving landscapes.

Irene coaches groups and individuals with focus ranging from business, organisation, career, life purpose, relationships to cross roads in life. To complement her group and one-on-one coaching, Irene uses psychometric tools and assessments to anchor and draw insights for her approach. She is certified in more than 15 different assessment tools to measure areas from culture, interest, behaviours, brain dominance, personalities, relations orientation, talent, emotional intelligence to potential.

She consults in Singapore and across Asia. Prior to her consultancy career, Irene had led multiple teams in social and community development, policy-making and business development. She leads a team of facilitators with diverse training expertise. As an OD practitioner, her passion is in bringing out the best in individuals to leverage the link between human capital and positive business outcomes.


Where: The Mirador, Chakala, Mumbai

Participation fees: INR 5000 per participant (inclusive of refreshments and lunch)

Payment can be made via cheque payable to "Changex Services Private Limited" and

courier it to iVolunteer, A1, Chiranjeev Building, Chittranjan Road, Vile Parle East, Mumbai 400 057

Contact mumbai@iVolunteer.in for any queries.

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