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April 15- April 19, 2019

Building leadership strength of growing social enterprises

Solving a complex social problem mostly demands passionate leadership & capable organisations. However, there is a visible gap of management capacity at most organizations with a social mission. Leadership at NGOs and social enterprises are often constrained by a lack of experienced executives who can support organizational growth. Moreover, there is a dearth of programs that support the professional development of key executives of growing organizations. This often leads to stretched leadership that struggles with managing organizational growth.

GYAN+, an initiative of iVolunteer & supported by Singapore International Foundation – is an Organization Management and Leadership development program that aims to strengthen the management capacity of growing development organisations by through training and mentoring focused on the key executives of such organisations. Given the time constraints that the executives already face, the program is structured with a short contact training followed up with ongoing mentoring support.

GYAN+ has seen 2 editions in India in partnership with Singapore International Foundation- each with more then 25 participants getting trained on different aspects of leadership development and organisation management.

GYAN+ 2019: Key Topics

Day 1

Theory of Change

  • Understanding the main concepts of Theory of Change
  • Defining the Theory of Change for your Organisation
  • Using the Theory of change to set select organisational goals for 2019-2020
Day 2

Project Management Basics

  • People: Managing up, Managing down
  • Enabling and accelerating team performance
  • Work styles - discovering self and others
Day 3

Learn strategies of Aware, Accept and Adapt model

  • Performance management
  • Communicating leadership style
  • Connecting with staff and encouraging the HEART
Day 4

Introduction to Outreach

  • Marketing
  • Communication strategy and channels
Day 5

Bringing it all together

  • Wrap up




Ayesha Kohli has over fifteen years of experience as a communications specialist. Her background includes working in brand management, public relations, and journalism. She currently runs two companies - Sparq Communications, set up in 2012-a content creation consultancy that takes on B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) projects involving editorial and social media strategy and implementation.

Clients have included lifestyle, technology, design and education companies. She also set up a fashion accessories label called “Ayesha Cashmere” in 2014 where she oversees design, production, marketing and distribution of handcrafted premium cashmere scarves. Within two years of launch, Ayesha Cashmere scarves are available in New York, Singapore, Sydney and Jakarta on various online platforms and have a growing base of fans.

Angilay Davy started her career as a Social Worker heading a new department for recalcitrant drug abusers and thereafter she worked in different capacities with children from low-income and abusive families; orphanage; and adults who have been incarcerated.

She later specialized in Human Capital Development, specializing in Learning & Development, in both the public and private sectors for the past 20 years. She is experienced in Organisational Learning and Development with a focus on leadership; building teams; managing diversity at work and personal development in individuals in the Asia Pacific. She is the Senior Consultant/ Facilitator of Management Synergy Pte Ltd and Ad Principium Consulting.

Angie is passionate about people and in empowering them to realize their potential to make a difference in their sphere of influence and to perform at their peak in their careers by connecting to their true self. She is now in the journey of re-igniting to her passion in counseling.

Chen Jinwen is an Assistant Manager of Research and Programmes at the Lien Centre for Social Innovation. Trained in human geography and qualitative research, Jinwen holds a Master’s (Research) and Bachelor’s Degree in Geography at the National University of Singapore. She also has varied experiences in the social and non-profit sector. She has worked in a range of sectors from healthcare, international development and environment, and has been involved in strategic management, communications, consulting and research. Her passion is in harnessing research and education to address social and environmental issues.

Shalabh Sahai began his journey co-founding iVolunteer in 2001 and continues to lead it today as the largest social enterprise for formal volunteering in India counting marquee corporate names as its partners. He is also credited with creating iVolunteer Awards, our nation’s only awards aimed at inspiring and establishing new benchmarks on volunteering.

Shalabh was instrumental in founding the ICICI Fellows program in 2009 and led it till 2013 thereafter co-founding India Fellow, a social leadership program for the youth. He also co-founded JobsForGood, a boutique HR consultancy for social enterprises.

Shalabh serves on the Global Council for Global Pro Bono Network and is a visiting faculty SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. An alumnus of Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), he was also India’s first Commonwealth Professional Fellow in 2003

Madhukar Kumar is a leadership coach and facilitator. His forte lies in his ability to simplify leadership for organisations and help individuals to become more aware leaders. This self-awareness enhances the effectiveness of the leadership team and thus better prepares the organization to successfully achieve its next goal. He draws from his own journey through a diverse career and progressive self-awareness.

He started his professional life in IT. Later, he took a leap of faith and joined social sector to manage a youth leadership programme. Recognizing that he had not explored himself enough, he took a gap year to travel within, in search of spirituality and his purpose. This gave him the clarity he was looking for – that he wanted to help people in achieving their dreams. He co-founded a consulting firm focusing on people side of business and helped forward-looking clients become those organizations that people aspire to be a part of. He worked with founders and business leaders and heard first-hand about the leadership teams not delivering to their ‘true potential’. This insight, and a good understanding of leadership and coaching, encouraged him to focus on leadership development and coaching the leaders.

He believes in the philosophy of ‘Know Thyself’, better executed via a three-pronged approach of – introspection, meditation, and group-reflection. Academically, he holds an engineering degree from NIT Surathkal and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. He is a certified NLP Practitioner and an ICF certified Coach.

Neha Shrivastava is a team enthusiast, she firmly believes that "Speed of the boss is the speed of the team" and her every attempt is to ensure that noone is left behind in delivering excellence and aiming higher then before.

Neha has been strategizing, developing and strengthening Corporate Volunteering Programs with iVolunteer for over 8 years. As one of the most tenured employees, her career at iVolunteer has spanned various roles including aspects like volunteer orientations, NGO relationship development, building corporate partnerships, project management and now leadership development, team performance and organisation growth. In her current role as the Head- Volunteer Programs, Neha has worked on National projects of various corporate employee engagements and carried out end to end management which includes project development, planning, budgeting, implementation and reporting. She has been instrumental in retaining partnerships with corporate, in building newer partnerships and in enhancing the quality of the existing programs.

Neha has designed volunteering programs for more than 30 corporates, some of them include Tata Capital, Godrej, Citibank, Nestle, Mondelez International, AMEX, VISA, Synopsys and Cummins. She has conducted more than 100 trainings on Designing Volunteering Programs, Volunteer Orientations, and Volunteer Management Workshops for NGOs.

She works with a team located across India and this makes her a true contributor to team management and leadership.

Deepam Yogi is an adventurer at heart, socially conscious in her gut and professionally a strategic consultant. She is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing and specializes in Advertising, Media & Branding.

Deepams strength lies in bringing resources together (especially people) to provide unique, strategic and structured solutions to situations at hand. Her integrated marketing approach, ability to create inspiring marketing material and passion for social media marketing is contagious.

She began her marketing & media career with Lintas Media Group where she worked closely with brands to develop strategic media solutions & innovations for her clients.

After 5 years, Deepam moved on to lead the Marketing team of the only volunteer organisation in India - iVolunteer. After setting up the marketing team at iVolunteer, Deepam took over the operation responsibilities of setting up Indian First Social Communication Agency - Social Access Communications in 2012. She continues to engage with cause related communication campaigns and serves on the board of Social Access. In 2015, she co-founded a human resources consulting firm with a vision to support organisations to build workplaces that people love being a part of.

Committed to social change and an active volunteer herself, Deepam believes that each one of us can impact social change if we have the intent to start with ourselves. She is passionate about social media and thinks it’s one of the biggest platforms to drive change today. If you don’t find her at her desk, she would probably be outdoors climbing a mountain or capturing the world around her through the tiny lens of her camera.

Priya Modi, Head – International Volunteering Program, iVolunteer and is responsible for end to end management of the same. She has 14 years of experience in account management and leading projects. Her responsibilities include customer engagement as a client partner, ownership of delivery, team management, interfacing with various internal and external stakeholders.

She understands and is passionate about social sector by virtue of her 10 year stint in the social sector at different capacities at iVolunteer - managing accounts for corporate social responsibility initiatives and heading programs. 

Priya Modi is also the co-founder and director of SEA India and is an active volunteer, always ready to empower the organisations with her development consultancy.

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