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Child Welfare

Age Minimum (with Adult): 18+, Minimum Age:18+

Volunteer Mentor Coordinator


Imagine. If you could be the person who made it possible for thousands of children to be mentored, for them to be inspired, for them to find a role model, a buddy to relate be able to create a volunteer movement in the country.


This is a 100% VOLUNTEER role and ideally played by someone who is one of the following:

  • been an active and engaged volunteer themselves

  • has been a mentor themselves or is interested in/ likes working with children or

  • is really passionate about either volunteering or mentoring and wants to make a difference 

Read on if you are that person

The role includes 

• Understanding the program in DETAIL (note enclosed), proposing how you will drive it and what you want to accomplish 

• "Owning" the program making a LONG term commitment to it of at least 2 years to begin 

• learning enough about mentoring thru the resources and thru conversations with experts (we will facilitate) 

• Developing mentoring ability thru 1 on 1 mentoring of children over a period of 12 months 

• Creating a detailed project plan including all the activities listed in the role below 

• Identifying the children that need to be mentored, obtaining their details as available, especially any red flags 

• Identifying children who need special mentoring that requires trained professionals (abuse, mental health, extreme circumstances, medical history, etc.) 

• building "curriculum" for implementation over 6 month period, getting expert inputs on it (we will help), finalizing it 

• Creating a volunteer recruitment plan (how/where to source, what profile, selection criteria and process to evaluate sincerity, etc.) 

• Design orientation for volunteers (with help) 

• Design initial activities for volunteers (e.g., group mentoring) 

• Design feedback mechanisms (child feedback on the mentors, mentor feedback on experience) action the plan 


Essential skills:

• Hunger for change, hard-working 

• Responsive gets back to people in minutes and hours, not in days 

• Prior experience in recruiting and engaging volunteers 

• DESIRABLE but not necessary experience in mentoring children or teaching/ working with children 

• Either Extraverted (E in MBTI) or EXTREMELY excited by the idea Take the fun test here to see what your personality profile is 

• Physically located near 1 of the centers where the pilot will happen. 

• Able to commit about 1-2 hrs a day for 12 months and about 2-3 hours a day thereafter for this

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Volunteers needed through 31-12-2020

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