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Butterflies is a registered voluntary organisation working with the most vulnerable groups of children, especially street connected and working children for the last thirty years. With a democratic, rights based, non-institutional approach the organisation endeavours to educate and impart life skills to vulnerable children so that they become self-reliant and exit out of the cycle of generational illiteracy & poverty. Over the years Butterflies has initiated a number of innovative interventions in the field and partnered with the government and non-government agencies to garner support for children. Empowering these children with knowledge and skills to exit out of the cycle of illiteracy and poverty is what we strive for. Butterflies reaches out to 3,000 children every year through various interventions in all project areas and has touched the lives of more than 44,000 children since inception. Butterflies addresses the challenge of making the Convention on the Rights of the Child a reality, particularly of those children who are most vulnerable, neglected, abused and exploited. It is committed within its mandate, to work towards solidarity among NGOs, Government and all Civil Society organizations for addressing the concerns of all children. Visit our website and our YouTube Channel to know more about our work.

Child Welfare
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