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Life School Foundation

Life School is about sharing experiences, learning, and co-creating methods to inspire a fulfilling life. India has produced many inspirational personalities and has a potential to produce millions more. This is what Life School aspires to create – an environment of inspiration. The organization is centered on inspiring people to pursue their dreams and explore their potentials through a unique volunteering program Keep Moving Movement( KMM is an initiative that travels around India via their volunteers to hold sessions for students, teachers across Tier I, II, and rural cities. More than 750 volunteers participate each year to learn from their mentors and take this learning forward to their chosen school. A prominent personality from one of the fields of education, social service, business etc. along with Life School founder Narendra Goidani, guide volunteers to take these inspiring sessions that ultimately aim to enrich the life of students. Schools join the movement by registering students and teachers for a seven module training. One module is conducted once in a fortnight from July to September. KMM is a Leadership Development Platform beneficial for each stakeholder of the ecosystem, i.e. students, teachers, volunteers and parents. Students are the creators of the future. They are the masters of the destiny of tomorrow’s world. We as adults and teachers have an opportunity to mold them, to enrich them, to nourish them, in order to create a future like never before! For the future of this world to be secure, the youth must be ready, capable, visionary and filled with self-belief. It can only happen with the guidance and experience of committed, caring and successful people. The presence of these kinds of role models fuels “Inspiration” and nudges them to touch heights of greatness and self-discovery. We want to build a community of such youth. And we also wish to build a community of teachers well equipped with the wow techniques to handle the new generation children in more efficient way. Schools can approach us through our website/phone numbers. We meet the school authorities; there is a simple registration process. We are in the process of building a KMM digital community for aspiring students. It would enable them to be a part of the movement. Students will be able to learn from the KMM sessions as well as volunteer for the movement. Every year we get enquiries from new schools. Students get to learn the very essential Life Skills, value education through this programme. Students send us their feedback through sms, mails or videos, and they are extremely satisfied with KMM. KMM 2018 could impact 25000 students through sessions conducted in 6 languages, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, English, Hindi, Marathi. Total sessions conducted this year - 2030. 1618 sessions were conducted in Pune and 412 sessions were conducted at other cities. Total schools covered would be 150 across India. World is talking about SEL, Social Emotional Learning, but through KMM, we are been doing that since last so many years impacting thousands of lives. We wish to spread this culture of movement across the globe, we want to build a community of competent, self motivated, empathetic youth. KMM would be conducted in various languages, through various platforms impacting millions of life. The five year goal is to reach ‘1 million lives every year - 1 lakh through classroom, 9 lakh in technology’.

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