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"We create safe spaces for a child’s academic and extra-curricular growth." Our organisation is aiming to address two issues, a lack of parental supervision and intervention in children’s learning and the lack of students’ access to opportunities, through one solution – after-school community centres in low-income communities. Often, both parents of children in low-income communities work to make ends meet. Due to this, kids often find themselves alone after school hours, without any parental supervision. This leads them into trouble and negative influences in the community in the evenings. Students in government schools and low-income private schools rarely have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, life-skills development and value education, that are required for their holistic development. Either their schools fail to provide these opportunities to their students or the parents cannot afford the fees required to enrol their children in these programs. These alternative learning opportunities are imperative for students who struggle academically and behaviourally

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