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Trust Children (Gurukulam School)

Vision: 1. To break the “poverty - manual labour” cycle of the economically underprivileged through education. 2. To nurture ethical human beings of grandeur and strength; with intelligence tempered by humility, strength tempered by love. Mission: 1. To provide free education to economically under-privileged children through its school “Gurukulam” and support the children until they complete a vocational course through “Gurukulam Vocational Training Centre” or a professional course. 2. To nurture inner and outer strength in the child through martial arts, yoga and “How to Live” moral value classes. Gurukulam is a school located in Kovalam (a coastal village near Chennai) and is run by Trust Children -- a not-for-profit organization. We focus on providing free, quality and holistic education to children from under-priviledged backgrounds towards the vision of enabling them to break out from the cycle of poverty. We currently have 180 children, 98% of whom are first-generation learners and from families earning less than INR 8000 per month. We believe that the lack of access to quality and holistic education has created a huge gap in the society, and we at Gurukulam are working hard trying to bridge this gap for our children and their families through education.

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