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Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare (IAPA)

Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare (IAPA) was formed in 1970, out of a deep concern that most orphaned/abandoned children were deprived of the love and nurturance available in a family set-up. Initially our focus was on finding adoptive families for such children and creating awareness for adoption across the country. These children placed with us, are cared for in a foster family, till they are adopted. Over the years IAPA has gone beyond adoption and reached out to children under different states of deprivation. In case of children lacking opportunities for education and all-round development, the same is facilitated through our Educational Sponsorship program. For children facing serious neglect or risk of separation from their families, the Family Preservation program ensures that the children continue to grow, either in their own family or in an alternative family within their kinship circle. Supportive Services, viz, Child Guidance Centre (CGC), Project for Developing Capacities, Vocational Training, Micro Finance, Medical and Higher Education assistance , ensure the all-round development of the child and empowerment of the family. Located in Mumbai and another rural location, we work with families as well as the community, to achieve our goals for children. What makes IAPA unique, is its holistic approach towards the welfare of children. Guidance, counselling and multiple supports provided by IAPA, ensure that every child in need of care, protection and education, gets the opportunity to thrive.

Child Welfare
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