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Establishment of AnantVarsha Foundation is a result of a detailed thought process of people associated with agriculture and rural communities since years. The need of integrated approach for development of agriculture and rural sector is being discussed at global levels. The people that are very close to the farmers are in a better position to understand the need. Agricultural production provides income, employment and food at affordable prices as well as raw material for the processing industry and foreign exchange from exports. We, at AnantVarsha Foundation constantly strive to provide quality solutions to improve the sustainability of agriculture and rural sectors by working with and supporting a network of farmers and stakeholders. Creating a sustainable agricultural development path means improving the quality of life in rural areas, ensuring enough food for present and future generations and generating sufficient income for farmers. Supporting sustainable agricultural development also involves ensuring and maintaining productive capacity for the future and increasing productivity without damaging the environment or jeopardising natural resources. In addition, it requires respect for and recognition of local knowledge and local management of natural resources, and efforts to promote the capabilities of current generations without compromising the prospects of future ones.

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