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Shri Sai Educational and Welfare Association

Shri Sai Educational and Welfare Association (ssewa) is an Organization that committed to serve the vulnerable people in the community for their Sustainable Development. SSEWA has been extending services like Education, Integrated Community Development and Drinking water in the target areas. There is no doubt that Water and Sustainable Development are inextricably linked. Without adequate supplies and management of fresh water sources, sustainable development simply cannot take place. the resources are limited but there is a great need for safe water in the backward rural areas .There are many communities where the bore wells provided by the Government are damaged and need repair and deepening to draw water. In these areas the rural households have no access to piped water schemes to meet drinking and domestic water needs. Most use water from tube wells or open wells, while a small minority uses tanks and springs. Hence, there is a high dependence on groundwater for drinking and other domestic purposes. Poor rural households collect water from community sources, which are often remote and spend much time in collecting water. The collected water is causing water-borne diseases. Diseases due to contamination of drinking water constitute a major burden on health. Improvement in the quality of drinking water will significantly benefit the health and wellbeing of people. Therefore, the organization is working towards providing safe drinking water to the maximum extent possible in its target villages.

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