Active Citizenship

Through our Active Citizenship initiative, we create simple opportunities for people to start volunteering through simple engagements created around popular days of civic importance..

Some of the activities with active participation from our volunteers are as follows:

  1. On Republic Day
    • Introduction to our Fundamental Rights :  a role play educative session for children (blog link)

  2. On Valentine’s Day
    • Celebrating our love for the elderly  (Blog link)

  3. Women Empowerment
    • Celebrating women achievers in the social  sector.
    • Promoting women empowerment through role plays and nukkad natak.
    • Workshops on self-defence.
    • (Blog link)

  4. Good Deeds Day
    • Swach Bharat : Promoting cleanliness and partaking in clean up activities.
    • Healthy Bharat :  Juice distribution, water dispensers.
    • #WithGratitude  Thank You to people who we usually don’t pause for to express gratitude for their service (Blog link)

Get Involved.

To begin your volunerring journey through an Active Citizenship project, just Search for volunteering opportunities or contact the iVolunteer Centre nearest to you.


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Upcoming Active Citizenship Projects

What Volunteering in Rural Sunderban taught me! – Mohanee Dammu

By Tanveer. Tue, 15 Oct 2019

With a zeal to look into the school lives of tiny tots in the muddy lanes of hingalganj, we went en-route to the place by iVolunteer The journey started, almost everyone unknown to each other. The Volunteers varied from a 60 yr old aged woman to 10 yr old small kid, everyone enthusiastic enough to… Continue reading What Volunteering in Rural Sunderban taught me! – Mohanee Dammu

Two life-transforming techniques!

By Tanveer. Mon, 19 Aug 2019

We fully believe that in order to be successful at anything, we must have a vision or goal, and do daily habits or activities in order to build up to that goal. We also believe that if it isn’t in the schedule, it doesn’t get done. So it is very important to choose habits that… Continue reading Two life-transforming techniques!

When there is a Will, there is Way!

By Tanveer. Tue, 12 Mar 2019

Volunteering is an art of giving wherein persons share their contributions to benefit the sections that require it most. Today, we are going to introduce you to our valiant finalist in Volunteer Hero category of the iVolunteer Awards 2019, who has shuddered each root of obstacle to support the joys of others, Rajarshi Debnath. “I… Continue reading When there is a Will, there is Way!

Volunteering Matters!

By Tanveer. Mon, 28 Jan 2019

We all know that we should always attempt to volunteer a section of our time in serving people and helping those in need. Reminders around us often help in making us realize how this serves the need of the hour. On that note, we know that other people are most likely to benefit from our… Continue reading Volunteering Matters!

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