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Tell A Story - Video @DaanUtsav2021

Once upon a time... there was a child named Shreya who loved watching her mother recite stories. Her mother now is busy due to festivities at home so she tends to watch stories on the Youtube channel that her mother lets her watch. She has completed all the stories available on the platform and has nothing more to watch. This makes her very sad. She wants to watch more stories and get inspired by them. Will YOU help her get new stories?

Then this Daan Utsav come join our campaign “Tell a Story in Daan Utsav.” It is iVolunteer’s largest virtual volunteering opportunity. We aim to build a library of 20,000 stories for our lovely children.  

This is a simple initiative that gives people the opportunity to volunteer to create stories in vernacular languages for children aged 4 to 10 years throughout India. We would love it if the content was in vernacular language due to the dearth of content out there. Languages could be Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Konkani, etc.

So come, put on your best creative hat and tell a story we will never forget!

All you need is a loads of enthusiasm, your favourite folk story(s) in your own language or dialect, and access to a phone or video camera. APPLY NOW             FAQs        How it works for Volunteers        ©2023 iVolunteer      How it works for NGOs         Privacy Policy            Terms of Use             

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